How I’m Learning Hebrew

Hey guys! So yeah…it has been a bit quiet on this blog for quite some time, eh? I really need to make a blogging schedule and learn to stay with it! Definitely something I need to work on. 

But, today, I want to share with you how I’m learning Hebrew. I would most definitely recommend you learn Hebrew if you can, so that you can better understand the Bible(which was mostly written in Hebrew), without having to use a concordance.

So far, most of what I’ve learned has been through various online sources. First of all, I would suggest you learn the Alef-Bet first. As you learn the Alef-Bet you will be able to learn Hebrew words as well.  I first started learning basic Hebrew when my family and I were preparing for our trip to Israel in September of last year. When we returned home, we started to learn the Alef-Bet(which consists of 22 letters, and five of them take on different forms when placed at the end of a word). Most of the resources that we used for learning the Alef-Bet were completely free. So, below, I will list all of the resources we used.

1. The very first thing we used for learning the Alef-Bet was a YouTube channel called: Hebrew Pod 101. The first video for learning the Alef-Bet is this one:

Hebrew Pod 101 also has other videos which teach you grammar, and word phrases.

They have a website as well, and if you subscribe to my their daily emails, you will receive a new Hebrew word daily. The link for that site is here:

2. An app I would suggest getting is called Hebrew Flashcards. This is a really great learning tool as well! This  app contains the Alef-Beit in cursive, book, block and even their ancient form! This app is free as well.

3. Holy Language is also a great resource. They have a website, Facebook and an Instagram. On their Instagram, they post new words weekly.

4. Now, for learning Hebrew grammar, which is very important, a good site to use is:

If you’re interested in learning some ancient Hebrew as well, the site I listed above had some lessons on that.

5. There’s also a man on who makes videos for learning Hebrew, and all you need to do is search Norman Willis on YouTube. We’ve  been using him recently.

6. Once you learn the Alef-Bet, a good way to put your reading skills into practice is to go to your library or online and find a children’s picture book in Hebrew. Some are even bilingual, with English translations, which you could use as well.

7. You could also download a Hebrew radio app to practice understanding the natives. This is also a good way to try to speak with an Israeli accent, I think. The one I downloaded is IsraelRadioLive.

8. iTalk Hebrew is a free app for learning Hebrew phrases. This app contains different categories, such as, general, travel, etc.

9. Oh, and a few days ago, I found a very good app called Mondly. This is free to download, but you will have to make some in app purchases. They allow you to do two lessons before you decide if you want to pay for it. According to the app, it’s a one time payment of  $14.99. If you don’t want to pay for it, I’m sure there are plenty of other great Hebrew apps.

I hope you found these links that I listed helpful!

If you’re learning Hebrew, what are some resources you use?

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