Dip Dying my Hair With Splat

UPDATE: Please read my other post titled, “Update on Splat” where I correct an error I made, regarding how long the dye lasts.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to dye the ends of my hair blue. I ended up going with Splat, which I found in my local Walgreens, since it was pretty convenient. I was disappointed thought that the bleach they provided didn’t really make my hair a fine blonde like they recommended. Instead the bottom half of my hair was more of a strawberry blonde kind of color, if that makes sense. If the bleach had made my hair lighter, the color probably would’ve stayed vibrant longer.

Below are steps I used to dye the ends of my hair:

I don’t know what was going on with my bangs that day, but let’s just ignore them, haha!


Starting with the first step, I bleached my hair. Since I have dark brown hair, I had to apply the bleach to times and leave it on for and hour each time. But, make sure your hair is fully dry before bleaching it again!

Then I applied the hair dye to the lower half of my hair. This part is very messy, so I applied Vaseline around my neck so I could easily wipe the color off. I left the color on for 2 hours since my hair wasn’t that blonde.

And, after washing the dye out and drying it, this was the final result!
After the third wash:


I would recommend Splat if it’s your first time dying your hair, but next time I dye my hair I think I’ll find a brand that retains color better.
If you’ve dip dyed your hair before, what brands do you recommend?

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