Why Christians Shouldn’t Get Tatoos

If you’ve read some of my older posts, you’ll know that I wrote about the topic of getting tatoos before and whether or not it was a sin. Since my beliefs have changed over the last couple of months, I thought that I should write a new post, updating thoughts on tattoos, being that I don’t agree with what I previously wrote. 

First of all, I do still believe that all the laws that God has given us are for our benefit, not as a punishment. The same having to do with the issue of getting a tattoo. Did you know that if you get a very bad burn on your skin, the tatoo would still be there?? Once you get a tatoo it is permanently etched into your skin, unless you have it surgically removed. And, did you know that  nanoparticles   in Tatoos can cause cancer? God was only trying to protect our health when he told us not to get Tatoos. That, and the fact that he wants us to be a set apart people(Romans 12:2). He doesn’t want us to be like the rest of the world. If we are believers we shouldn’t partake in things of the world.

Also, considering the fact that the Bible tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit(see 1 Cor 6:19) , shouldn’t we want to take good care of it? And by doing this, not getting tatoos, since if our body belongs to God and is his temple, not marking it.

Another thing to consider is that God told his people not to make marks on their body as a way of mourning for the dead. Well, plenty of people today get Tatoos in rememberence for those who have died. This is exactly the thing God tells us not to do. As I said earlier, we are to be a set apart different, and not like the world in their way of getting Tatoos.

Now, I don’t know whether or not you remembered this, but in my other post where I discussed whether getting a tatoo was a sin, I mentioned that if we thought we shouldn’t get tattoos, we also couldn’t wear clothes of mixed material, but this only refers to linen and wool. And, clothes manufacturers don’t even make clothes mixing these too together, and hardly anyone makes their own clothes anymore. I read the reason God could’ve given this law was to prevent the unequal shrinkage of clothes! God gave them these laws for their own good! Therefore, I was wrong when I assumed that wearing clothes of more than one material referred to any type of material mixed with another. After doing research, I realized it was referring to wool and linen.

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