It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot like Fall

I’m glad that it’s finally starting to feel a little bit more like fall around here. Last month, we had some pretty mild weather, and don’t get me wrong, I love having falls and winters that aren’t too cold, but I’m ready for it to actually feel fallish, so I can start wearing sweaters, leggings, beanies and all the other fun clothes worn in the cold.:) Down here in the south, it doesn’t actually start to get too cold until the end of November, and January being the month when it actually starts to feel like winter.

I just love pairing dresses with leggings and boots, to me that is one of the cutest outfits that can be worn in the fall and winter. Im especially starting to love how combat boots look with dresses! I wish I had some more dressed that actually went well with them.

By the looks of these pictures, it may look like a perfect warm a sunny day, but it was actually in the mid 50s. Quite chilly out!


What I’m wearing:

Skater dress, Rue21, about $15

Grey leggings, Rue21, about $5

Brown Combat boots, Rue21, received as a gift.

Grey pea coat, Kohls, about $30

So, basically everything I’m wearing is from Rue21, if you can’t tell, I love that store!:)

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