The Case Against Santa Claus

It’s that time of year again when kids are making their list to Santa Claus. This is where I have a problem with parents teaching their kids this tale. First of all,  I’ve never really liked Santa to begin with. When I was young, I always knew that Santa Claus wasn’t real. It would always upset me when parents tell their kids he was real. When an adult  would ask me if I knew what I wanted from Santa, I would be sure to tell them he wasn’t real. This, of course, would surprise them.

We’re deceiving children into believing Santa exists. We can say it makes Christmas more fun all we want, but it still makes it a lie. Parents instil  in their kids mind that lying is wrong, but they never think lying about Santa is. How do you know that once your kids find out he’s not real that they won’t begin to question other things you tell them that are TRUE.  Once you teach your kids Santa exists, you have to create this whole new web of lies. We all know kids want to know how Santa gets in their house if they don’t have a chimney, how he goes around the whole world in one night, fits all the presents in one bag, etc. Each kid is going to grow up with a different story of how Santa accomplishes all these things since every parent creates their own version.

  • People usually give me one of these these responses when tell them  I disagree: “Well, it’s fun for the kids, “It makes Christmas more fun,” or lastly, “I make sure they know the real meaning of Christmas.” First of all, are you sure it’s Santa that’s making Christmas more fun rather than the presents? Have you asked your child if they’d rather believe Santa was real or get presents?  I’m sure they’ll give you the latter answer. Second, Santa Claus has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, guys. Yes, it might be fun and all, even if you make sure the kids know the true meaning of Christmas, it’s still going to distract them from the actual purpose. I sincerely believe the devil is trying to use Santa and the Easter Bunny to somewhat divert us from the true purpose of these holidays. When parents don’t teach their kids about Santa, people look at them as the bad guys, saying they take the fun out of Christmas.

Now,  I’m in no way saying you are a bad parent if you teach your kids Santa is real! As long as you are showing your children love and do your best, honestly, that’s what counts. Teaching kids to believe in Santa isn’t the worse thing a parent do. There are other things that are a lot worse. But if you’re trying to be the best parent you can be, I’d say it’s best to stop teaching your kids Santa is real, along with the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter bunny, etc.  As for the tooth fairy, since she has no affiliation  with a holiday, it’s okay to pretend when the kids know it’s not real. Just like kids play pretend when they dress up as princesses and princes.

My hope is that by reading this, you’ll decide that instead of involving Santa in a holiday that has nothing to do with it, cut him out of it completely.

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