I am a Christian – no “buts” about it.

the divine presence

Recently, Buzzfeed posted a video about Christianity, featuring several “Christian” (I put this in quotations because these people have not truly repented and been washed by Christ’s blood, this is obvious.)  who go on a rant titled, “I am a Christian but I am not” and they list things that they are not, such as…

  • homophobic – note, I am against homosexual acts/marriage, but a phobia is a fear. They are obviously confused on this. Christian’s are not scared of homosexuals, nor do we hate them, we just hate their sin. It is obvious that they are talking about people who are against homosexuality and fighting against it.
  • against abortion
  • against feminism
  • judgemental
  • perfect
  • ignorant

The list goes on. Now, I was asked to watch this video by a follower of mine and, frankly, it bugged me. As Matt Walsh, a fellow blogger, put it in his post about…

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