DIY Painted Mugs


Hello there! So, for those of you who follow me on my personal Instagram, you’ll probably have seen that a couple weeks back I decorated some mugs with paint pens. Because the end result was pretty successful, I decided to share it with you all on the blog. This is a super simple and fun DIY that would make a great gift, especially for a coffee or tea lover (for those of you already thinking of Christmas! :))!

Below, are the items you will need:

  1. water resistant, paint pens
  2. a plain mug (I got mine from the thrift store, priced at 25 cents each!)
  3. a clear top coat, paint (you can get this at your local hardware store in the spray paint section)

Before you start, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. So, after you decorate your mugs, place them in the oven for thirty minutes. Once they are cool, spray them with the clear coat of paint. Once they are dry, enjoy your new mug!

Note: Just to be safe, I would hand wash these mugs.

Below, I’ve included designs and quotes I found on the internet you might want to use on your mug.

Check me out on Instagram! My username is, @amillionthingstotalkabout

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