Learning to Crochet


I’ve been  wanting to learn to crochet for a really long time. The thing is, I didn’t know anybody who happened to be left handed like me, and knew how to crochet. So, I was thrilled when a lady who was visiting us for a couple of days was not only left handed but knew how to crochet! After I a couple of hours, I was ready to start my first project (which was a headband). I have found that I enjoy crocheting a lot more than I do knitting, since knitting takes longer to finish a project. I wish I did, but I don’t have the patience to start a project that could take months to complete. I like to make something where I can watch it quickly take shape. One reason I love Pinterest so much is that they have so many free crocheting patterns for beginners! I get a little carried away with my pinning when I see all the awesome crocheting projects!

Just for fun, I thought I would show you some of the crochet things I’ve made!

A)IMG_3904B) IMG_3907 C)IMG_3908 (1)

A) One of the first projects I made was this cute crossbody orange purse

B) This is a cute little dishcloth I made

C) This is a cute little sunglasses caddy you would wear around you would wear around your neck or so, perfect for when you go the beach!

These were all very easy projects I made using only the single crochet stitch. I’m now deciding to broaden my horizon and make some projects using different types of stitches. Right now I’m working on another dishcloth using the double chain stitch. I’ll see how that turns out!

Also, A Million Things to Talk About is on  Instagram! So, if you have an account, go check it out! The account name is @amillionthingstotalkabout.

Thanks for tuning in to today’s post! Have a great day!

This is a bit of a random question, but what are you thoughts or opinions on April Fool’s Day?

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