Bobby Pin Earrings

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So this is my first DIY post that I’ve done on this blog, so I was pretty excited to post this. I thought I would do a fun tutorial for bobby pin earrings. I really love making earrings for some reason. There’s just so many things you can use to make earrings with.

And, I love going in the craft store and just picking out a bunch of cute charms to make earrings with! You wouldn’t believe all the cute things they have in there! There’s so many other things you can also use to make earrings with. Such as..bobby pins! Now, I thought making earrings with bobby pins might turn out looking a little wacky, but I actually love them! I think they look really cute! They’re also super easy to make! This would also make a really inexpensive craft to do next time you have some friends over.

I thought it would be a lot easier for me to turn the tutorial into a video, instead of taking a bunch of pictures. So, here’s the video below! I hope you enjoy it!

Items needed:

A pair of earring hooks

Two large jump rings

A pair of jewelry pliars

Bobby pins, which have already been painted*


Aren’t these so cute!

*Note: I paint my bobby pings with nail polish.

What are your thoughts on this post? Let me know by leaving me a comment below!

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