Why It’s Good to Make a List of Character Qualities You’re Looking for in a Spouse

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I strongly believe it’s very important for any young girl (or guy) to make a list of important character qualities their future spouse should have. That way you can then present your list with God and be specific with him on what kind of husband you’re looking for. I think it’s first good to include the most important things, such as your future spouse should be slow to anger, and treat their family with respect, love God as much as you, etc. Then, we should include the less important things, like your future spouse having a desire to be a missionary overseas. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that if every single thing on your list isn’t answered (such as him having a desire to be a missionary overseas) that you shouldn’t go out with that person. Because God may still intend for you to marry him. But, I do think that if the person you meet isn’t slow to anger, or doesn’t respect his family, you shouldn’t consider entering a serious relationship until they work out those important issues. I also think that after you write your list, you should make sure you meet all the expectations you expect your future spouse to meet. To give you ideas of what you should consider including in your list, I’ve included some of the things in mine below. (some of the things I listed are my convictions alone)

Important Character Qualities My Future Spouse Should Have.

1. He has to love Jesus as much as I do

2. Treats his family with respect (especially his mom and sisters)

3. Is slow to anger

4. Has common sense and always seeks God’s advice (and listens to what he says)

5.Has a servants heart and a desire to win others to Christ.

6. Would like to have kids

7. Will have a desire to save the physical part of our relationship for marriage (such as kissing)

(less important things listed below)

7.  Won’t want to teach our kids to believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, etc (this may sound silly, but this is something I strongly believe in. But, this a whole different topic I really don’t want to get into right now)

And these are just a few ideas to help you get started on creating your own list. It’s always good to pray for your future spouse even after you have written your list, I believe.

What are you thoughts on this topic? Let me know by leaving me a comment!

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